Layout Optimization is one of the top issues for industrial facility planners in USA and around the world. It has profound effects on organizational productivity and profitability. Optimal layouts reduce materials handling costs, help streamline all operations in a facility, and reduce energy bills. With about a trillion dollars being spent on new facilities each year in USA alone, it is natural that industrial facility planners, designers, and architects long for a superior “Facility Layout Optimization” software.

VIP-PLANOPT fills the gap with its robust hybrid proprietary optimization algorithm. It is a powerful general-purpose facility layout optimization software. The advent of this pioneering package more than fifteen years ago, accompanied with a candid and uncontested claim: No other software produces better (lower-cost) layouts for any known set of benchmark problems . Since then, it has maintained a record of Unbeaten Performance with Unmatched Functionality.

The key issue in Facility Layout Problem is to optimize the layout with "Hard" modules. Hard modules have user-specified dimensions. In most real-world applications, it is preferable to obtain optimal layouts for modules of user-specified dimensions to obtain the maximum functionality from each module. VIP-PLANOPT produces optimal or near-optimal layouts satisfying this requirement. It can optimize with hard modules that may be “movable” or “anchored” at user-specified locations. In addition, VIP-PLANOPT provides the user with the flexibility of mixing Hard modules with “Soft” modules that have user-specified area but variable dimensions. VIP-PLANOPT offers maximum flexibility for solving real-world problems through several capabilities e.g. module-padding, module-flipping, pick-up & drop-off points, composite shape boundary, upper bounds on inter-department distances, forbidden-area modeling, etc. With ongoing research and new ideas, VIP-PLANOPT is continually advancing on its superiority for Industrial Applications. At the same time it has known as a benchmark FLP software and for the educational institutions it has established itself as an excellent and affordable Teaching & Research aid.

VIP-PLANOPT 10 has several new features like spread sheet type data grid for data input, 64 bit compatibility, new benchmark problems from published literature. To learn more 
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We guarantee full refund if any other layout design program produces better (lower cost) layouts or even comes close to VIP-PLANOPT for any set of recognized benchmark problems